Fight the battle in front of you.

It can be a hard lesson to learn. I spent a lot of time unfocused and not able to just fight the battle in front of me because I was trying to fight all the battles. When you feel that everything is a battle and you can’t catch a break or secure a win, the battles begin to be overwhelming. That approach keeps you on the defense and pushes you into a corner so that all you do is fight battles. It’s exhausting and ineffective.

If you want out of the corner, you have to prioritize the battles you fight. You probably can’t fight them all. Maybe you shouldn’t fight them all. Anxiety can make everything a battle, and fighting all the battles can cause more anxiety. It’s a spiral.


The saying “choose your battles” is really good advice, because fighting them all, being unfocused will keep you from winning any of them. Choosing your battles is the first step, and it is deeply important, because you are choosing your battles rather than your battles choosing you. Having choice, exercising choice, acquiring a measure of control over your circumstances is really important to positioning yourself to win battles.

This is true for personal battles.

This is true for professional battles.

This is true for community battles.

When you fight all of the battles, you aren’t choosing. You aren’t focusing your energy on securing a win. You don’t have time to do the work to win. Change that, even if it means dropping some battles. Let others fight those. You fight what is important. No, they’re not all important. No, you probably will not win them all, even if you try really hard. That’s ok.

Focus, and fight the battle in front of you.