It’s a busy time at the Texas Legislature.

After the parading and recognitions and special days for their districts and orientation of new legislators and the committee assignment of more than 5,000 bills, everyone starts to get down to business around the middle of April. The substantive bills begin to be heard and days are filled with committee meetings and testimony.

Which is how I ended up sitting for ten hours so that I could testify on three bills.

Three of those hours were just waiting for the committees hearing to start.

I don’t find it upsetting to wait, I understand the process, the demands and the scheduling that causes some of the members to have to race from hearing to hearing to speak on their own bills and hear those of their colleagues. I don’t envy the staffers who have to keep it all straight, recommend positions and read the bills in their entirety and provide analysis. It is a wild 140 days, mostly the second 70.

Which is why the action doesn’t stop.

It certainly didn’t stop for my latest diagnosis, which coincided with the first day I appeared to give testimony on a bill.

It’s challenging, not being able to stop to have time to adjust. I’m sure a good many people have felt the same. Things don’t stop for me. And really I’m not sure I want them too. There a part of the ongoing motion of the world that pushes me forward so that I have to acknowledge, adjust and move forward with time. There is a good aspect to it. There is something about the constancy of time that holds a steadiness in the midst of feeling completely overwhelmed.

I have been feeling behind the clock lately. Dealing with personal issues on top of a very intense week of work just stacks on the overwhelming whirl of it all. And that’s when I don’t make time to be calm, to pause, to prioritize healthy choices and get some perspective.

Yep, I can sit for three hours over two days just waiting for meeting to start, but I will not make time for myself. Until today, when I went for a quiet walk after the rain.

10 Hours, 3 Testimonies, 2 Days, 1 Hour.