Taped Up Fingers

I sprained my right index finger playing Pongis last week. Typing is a hoot.

I ignored the two bad hits that caught my finger by itself until the sprain finally hurt enough to tape up my fingers.

In a way, it’s a sign of failure. I failed to hit the ball correctly and successfully, I failed to recognize a sprain that needed to be addressed before it got worse, I failed to not risk further injury because I played again today.

I now need more tape.

Much as my finger hurts, in a way it feels good, because that pain is also a sign of success.

I tried something new, I didn’t give up, I challenged myself, I engaged in something at which I am undoubtedly outperformed, I was ok at it but not great and I accepted my perfectly mediocre performance and slight injury as satisfactory. I played, I tried, I got injured, and that was enough.

I’ll keep playing. That is more than enough.

After a game last week I told part of my story and was met with acceptance and encouragement. That is more than enough.

I’ll take the taped up fingers.