Walk. Out.

I got thrown out of a meeting yesterday. I hadn’t even spoken.

How long do you stay with a bad situation? How long do you try to improve things or make them work?

Until it’s been enough. Then you walk out.

I watched a meeting disintegrate into a verbal fistfight. I watched people be abusive. I listened to lies and deflections. I listened to accusations. I listened to intimidation. I heard the volume rise. I watched the legal aide spray lighter fluid on the brush pile.

I stopped everyone with a sharp, loud shout, shut it down, announced my departure, set the record on my actions straight and walked out the door.

The room exploded behind me.

After six years the group had failed to organize, to gather strength, to effectively serve the community. The lack of good leadership caused the situation to simmer, the tension and conflict finally hit a boil when the bad actors got loud with their lies and finally hit a wall of loud resistance. That wall was not me. I sat quietly and heard it all – false accusations against me included – until it was enough. Then I walked out.

You walk out when people are not willing to adapt, to change or to admit they have done wrong.

You walk out when people are not willing to recognize their abusive and manipulative behavior.

You walk out when you’re done. And you don’t look back, answer the phone or acknowledge them when they try to follow you out.