On Friday Nights I Hide

Weekends used to be more work, more rushing around and more trying to fill every single minute so I didn’t have time to get in my head or be anxious.

Friday nights I worked late and often came home to work more. Now I hide.

I stay home, I limit my communication with the outside and I let myself begin to unwind. I limit external stressors, sometimes I eat a bowl of ice cream and I catch up with good friends or on my personal projects and watch cooking shows and think about food. I read and go to sleep feeling like the disturbances of the week are not able to reach me.

It’s a pretty happy space, and it’s one I had no idea I needed. I did not know I could hide, that I can ignore my phone when I don’t want to take calls and that work in all its forms will wait and that this time is for me.

It’s a bit like a warm hug, and it’s what I really need at the end of a week. One step closer to learning to rest.