I want to make some changes.

Rather than throw myself at clean eating/more exercise/brain work/healthier habits/regular bedtime/etc., I took a week to mentally adjust to what I was sure would be a miserable six months.

Think healthy, prepare, learn, decide, do. I just haven’t gotten to the “do” part yet.

Except that I did.

When I began thinking through what a healthier, healing lifestyle would look like for me, I began adapting to it without realizing it. My resting heart rate dropped back into an acceptable range (it has been really high the last three weeks), I have started sleeping longer and more soundly, I chose vegetables over carbs (that never happens) and I hit my first weight loss milestone. Frankly without even trying.

Mind <> Body

Being intentional, supporting my actions with mental preparation, thinking through my decisions and not putting pressure on myself to perform or be perfect but rather to begin and learn and consider has had much better outcomes for me.

I even took two days away from exercise this week to rest – I took a nap one day and spent time in conversation rather than exercise another.

Our bodies are incredible and complex things. Getting deeper into that complexity and gaining a better understanding of how thoughts and intentions are connected to my ability to rest, relax and heal as well as build strength and change habits has been empowering.

Hitting my first weight loss goal was the pat on the back, the inspiration and the encouragement I needed to keep going, now that I see that my efforts are getting me the results I want. It’s a balance of rest and work, and finding balance may be my biggest win yet.