My youngest brother’s fingers were crushed in a work accident last week. The surgeons were able to save six of the eight, Praise God. He came home from the hospital yesterday, Praise God. He is already on his way to healing, Praise God.

It was the shortest week of my life. I barely remember any of it.

I have always taken Jesus’ comment about the ability of faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains very literally. Now I know what He meant.

Hundreds of family, friends and strangers prayed for him and for us. He was taken to the best hospital possible. His surgery went as well as possible. The critical time window for his blood vessels and skin grafts to take went as well as possible. Physical therapy is going as well as possible, if not better. There is a lot of frustration and grief, but even that is going well as possible. Friends and neighbors are bringing food and gifts and cheer.

God’s people did what they are called to do, and they prayed on our behalf. They interceded for my brother. They called down heaven and petitioned God for healing.

God answered, and His answer was “yes”. We have been lifted up and held up and the mountains that we did not even believe could be moved were moved, because other people had faith when we did not, and they prayed when we could not.

I am so very thankful. Praise be to God.