I’ve been gnashing my teeth at what I perceived as a setback in my recovery.

I’m angry.

I’m frustrated.

I’m disappointed.

I’m scared.

I’m tired.

Now all of those emotions have a name. And now I can let go of them, because I acknowledged them.

Thanks to a helpful and perspective-filled therapy session this morning, I am now viewing this as less of a setback and more of a pause.

Pause because I have to deal with a crisis.

Not a setback because I haven’t lost anything, and my response – all of the feelings named above – is, frankly, natural. I know way more than I did before, my abilities are way more than they were before and I am so much more than I was before.

Pause is not something I like, ever. Pause does not interest me. Pause annoys me. So I am fighting the very thing that needs to happen in order for me to address the situation at hand.

Years ago in undergrad we had a group that met to practice quick sketches called “Embrace the Suck”. The idea was to own the fact that you suck at sketching buildings and things and to work to get better at it.

Time to Embrace the Pause.