My mind was blown when I finally understood that my myriad trust issues stemmed from not trusting myself.

Because I felt that I had made decisions that led to a lot of trauma for me – including hydroplaning and wrecking my car, which was not a decision but an event from a number of factors that were mostly outside my control – I did not trust myself to make good decisions. And it had nothing to do with anyone else, although I was putting that on everyone else.

Nope. It was me. I didn’t trust me.

I had to start making decisions that had good outcomes so that I could see that I was capable of making good decisions, both personally and professionally. I was second-guessing myself constantly and had no self-confidence. I had let a few bad events dictate my entire (and distorted) view of myself. And it was distorted, because I am really good at what I do. I knew that before, I believe it now.

It makes a pretty big difference.