I was raised to be nice.

I work well in groups, I’m a mature, responsible communicator who tries really hard to do my absolute best and to take on whatever is necessary to successfully complete a project or achieve goals.

But today is Monday.

Today I am not taking the blame for others’ unwillingness to approach things with the same attitude. Because today didn’t need to be hard. There didn’t need to be conflict or sneakiness or unresolved ordinance language or lack of clarity or delays. There could have been a smooth, well-coordinated effort. There could have been timely replies. There could have been forward progress. And I worked really hard for those things to happen today.

But not everyone wanted to play it that way, not everyone wanted things to run smoothly or clearly or be honest or, apparently, do their job. And today I am not taking that blame or burden. I am not covering for anyone else or being accommodating.

I have a job to do. My job, not yours. And my Monday doesn’t need to be this hard.

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